Cheese Coated Caramel

Cheese Coated Caramel


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7 reviews for Cheese Coated Caramel

  1. Sadiqua (verified owner)

    This is the best flavor ever. The perfect balance of cheese and caramel. If you like the cheese and caramel mix this is one better. This one leaves you with yummy cheesy Try it, you will be hooked!.

  2. melissamccrary51 (verified owner)

    This is my favorite popcorn with the wetness of the cheese and the caramel other places have imitated but you can not duplicate it one and only original the best taste and you can order it and it still have that freshness to it ,it takes about two to three days to receive it is have no complaints about it nor the price

  3. Garry Cunningham (verified owner)

    My favorite flavor. Sweet and savory for the win.

  4. Leon Stevenson III (verified owner)

    My favorite flavor so far!!! It’s the right amount of cheese & caramel, but the “wetness” (for lack of a better term) puts it over the top! If you were gonna buy a tin of this, you won’t be disappointed. Thank you Tahir Moore & CP for the plug

  5. Cashelda Norman (verified owner)

    This would have been great if it did not have the cheese powder on it. The caramel flavor is so good but the cheese powder was goopy and didn’t offer any real cheese flavor. I was expecting a sweet and salty flavor but didn’t get it. Instead my hands were covered in a greasy cheese dust.

  6. michael MARTIN (verified owner)

    Always great, I order every couple of months and have it shipped to florida. Hands down the best popcorn I have ever had.

  7. Kailen Gore (verified owner)

    After reading the most recent review left on thus product I had to get on here and say something. I have been purchasing this same flavor of popcorn (cheese coated caramel) for over 8 YEARS now – I was buying it back before Popcorn Haven was bought out by Popcorn World. I have only ever bought this flavor because of the balance between the buttery cheese coating and the sweet caramel flavors put together. I LOVE popcorn in general and the main reason why I keep going back to this brand is because the cheese coating you all put on this popcorn is not the artificial, salty cheese powder that most gourmet popcorn shops use. That thick cheese coating is what MAKES this flavor. So all that is to say, as a long-time fan, please do not stop making this flavor in the way that you do. This was the best-seller back when I first found Popcorn Haven and it’s for good reason that it has still stuck around!

    • LeBarron Burton

      Kailen… Thank you for the rave review as long as we have customers such as yourself we will continue to use the highest quality products that we can find. We appreciate that you have stuck with us as long as you have and to we say thank you.

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