Loaded Baked Potato

Loaded Baked Potato


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Who doesn’t love bacon, so when you take our already fabulous Bacon & Cheddar popcorn and coat it with real bacon bits, sour cream and chives you know your in for a good time!

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4 reviews for Loaded Baked Potato

  1. Lakeisha Washington (verified owner)

    Tastes just like a baked potato. I would buy again!

  2. Scotty Bernard (verified owner)

    don’t be eating popcorn like that but is really good. It taste much better than I expected. The flavor taste exactly like a loaded bake potato. I will definitely get more of this.

    Sidenote: S/O to Tahir Moore and C.P. from the SQUADD for the plug real talk

  3. Leon Stevenson III (verified owner)

    Oddly delicious. This was definitely like the full course meal gum from “Willy Wonka” – it tasted like all the individual components hit one by one (first you taste the cheese, then the sour cream, then you taste some bacon, and i tasted potato last), but it all worked to be a weirdly addicting flavor and will definitely try again. Thanks again to Tahir Moore & CP for the plug.

  4. Cashelda Norman (verified owner)

    This is my least favorite of all the flavors I’ve tried. It was greasy and I was left with my fingertips full of cheese dust. I did not taste any of the flavors it was supposed to have even the cheese although my hands were covered in cheese powder.

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